3M Diy Liquid Wax 200 Ml

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The Premium Liquid Wax removes oxidation, cleans, polishes and protects all painted surfaces. It forms a super-slick, protective barrier between the cars paint and the environment, reducing the adhesion and build-up of mud, tar, insects and road grime. It gives higher post application glow compared to other brands. Application: Clean the surface to remove any dirt Apply the 3M Premium Liquid Wax to a Clean, Dry Microfibre Cloth / sponge and spread it uniformly over the painted surface Let the wax remain on the surface for 5-10 minutes Wipe it off with a clean, dry Microfibre Cloth and polish it by hand to attain a high luster. DO NOT on a Hot Panel After completion take the vehicle into sunlight to See the difference in Gloss Levels Consumption 50ml/car