AutoDivine Cargo Boot Mats For Maruti Suzuki Ciaz

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Suitable for Maruti Suzuki Ciaz

AutoDivine heavy-duty cargo liner is exactly measured to perfectly fit your vehicle, following the contours of your cargo area, with a high lip that effectively traps dirt and spills away from your OEM carpeting. The no-slip pattern keeps your cargo in place while you’re driving.


Provides effective protection from mud, dust, snow, and even corrosive substances.
Exactly measured to fit the cargo area of your vehicle.
Resists extreme temperatures.
Raised lip traps spills and dirt.
Textured surface keeps the stuff in your cargo area from sliding.
Custom designed for a perfect fit.
Eco-friendly, low density polyethylene provides full flexibility to ensure a lasting shape.
Stands up to all weather conditions.
Quick and simple installation/removal.
Easy to clean.

With all the boxes and cartons, bags, greasy tools, cans of paints, the family pet and whatever other stuff you carry in your trunk or cargo area, it’s absolutely certain that this part of your vehicle is extremely vulnerable to stain and damage. It’s designed to deliver complete protection to your carpet without taking away the functionality from your trunk or cargo area. The liner comes with a molded outer edge to keep dirt and even corrosive substances from penetrating into your precious OEM carpet.


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