Challenger Body Cover Supersoft For Honda City 2014-


Challenger Body Cover Supersoft For Honda Idtec Exclusive Features: No loose areas or tight spots in the cover, follows exact body contours of the vehicle, covers from bumper to bumper of the vehicle, neoprene elastic sewen in front and rear hems for better grip, no belts required to tie the cover which has its own grip, made for a particular make and model of a car, will not beat against the body of the vehicle in windy conditions, has no zipper which can damage body paint, jointless side panels, side mirror pockets made precisely to the size of the mirror, roof antenna pockets with grommet makes possible the cover stay flat on the roof, all types of customization like spoiler etc. Double stiched over laped seams for longer life. Feature Benefits: The best custom fit available. Perfect fit means no tight spots or loose areas in cover, water and dust proof. Stops bird dropping from itching vehicle finish. Keeps vehicle’s cool on a sunny day. Helps in protecting interiors and fabric fading due to sun rays. A good theft detterent. Prevents from preying eyes from seeing valuables inside of vehicle. Blocks UV rays which can bleach the colour of the vehicle’s paint.