Elegant Carpet Mats Miami Beige For Honda Mobilio (7 Pcs)

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Carpet car mats are an alternative to rubber car mats and offer durable protection. They often come with a raised heel pad and fixing clips. Many are customized to the model of car. Carpet car mats usually come either universal or tailored. The term tailored means that a car mat is suited to the vehicle floor areas for an accurate fit. They can come in variety of colors or different trims and finishes. Black is usually the predominant choice. Some come with a granular rubber backing or soft foam backing. Furthermore, they can be edged either with leather or in many cases a threaded binding. Automotive car carpets can come in a variety of weights or carpet pile thicknesses. Logos can also be incorporated via embroidery. This is one advantage provided by carpet mats over rubber mats. Carpet car mats are often also offered with a heel pad, as this area gets worn most quickly, and usually also come with safety fixing systems. Premium quality Non Woven Jacquard automotive grade carpet strong and washable Anti-skid backing No slipping No Bunching Additional sturdy vinyl heel pad on driver’s side for longer life Easy cleaning Available in different color & designs