Formula 1 High Performance Foaming Wheel Cleaner 680 ml

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Frequently Asked Questions Can Wheel Cleaner be used on all wheels? Unlike many wheel cleaners, Wheel Cleaner is not acidic and has a neutral pH. This makes is safe for all chrome, aluminum, magnesium and clear coat wheels. Will Wheel Cleaner harm tires or paintwork? Wheel Clearner’s neutral pH makes it safe for both tires and paintwork. A little Wheel Cleaner on tires will actually help clean them. Simply spray on and wash with a soft brush. How should I care for very soiled wheels? Thoroughly spray with Wheel Cleaner and allow to penetrate for two minutes. Then scrub the built up areas with a firm brush and simply rinse off. Helpful Hints Clean one wheel at a time. Trying to clean four wheels at once may allow cleaner to dry on the surface. Hose wheels down first. Never apply wheel cleaner to a hot or dry wheel. For even cleaning, rotate all four wheels 180iand repeat the procedure.