Meguiars All Season Dressing

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Meguiars All Season Dressing is a VOC compliant formula that produces a deep, rich, long lasting shine on all exterior rubber and plastic surfaces. Rejuvenate old, weathered surfaces and enhance new rubber and plastic with Meguiars All Season Dressing.Perfect for professional detailers, Meguiars All Season Dressing gives you a gallon of glossy dressing for all exterior rubber and plastic surfaces. The dressing requires no diluting and produces a deep, rich sheen right out of the bottle.Darken and intensify tires, rubber bumpers, and rubber and plastic trim with Meguiars All Season Dressing. The resulting shine is weather-resistant through any conditions and it helps keep the rubber supple. The durable finish will give your vehicles tires and rubber that extra pop that finishes off a great detail job.Meguiars All Season Dressing replaces the strong-smelling, irritating dressings of old with an all-new, VOC compliant rubber dressing that is easy on your vehicle and safer for you.For easy application, use a spray bottle to apply Meguiars All Season Dressing onto tires. Then use a Cobra Tire Dressing Applicator to wipe off any excess around lettering and white walls. If applying to narrow trim pieces, spray the applicator and then wipe onto the surface. Remove any overspray immediately.Meguiars All Season Dressing provides instant results and a long-lasting, deep gloss on all exterior rubber and plastic, rain or shine. The versatile, VOC compliant formula is a great value for an excellent all-weather rubber dressing.