Meguiars Hyper Dressing

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Meguiars Hyper Dressing is a highly concentrated, non silicone water based dressing/polish that can be diluted down up to 4:1. Used at its lowest dilution ratio it produces the highest shine available from a water based dressing. This kind of gloss was formally only available from silicone based dressings and the industry standard for dilute dressings was only 1:1. However, Meguiars now offers this potential high gloss finish in a safe, water based dressing.Although Meguiars Hyper Dressing has been developed to be a high gloss product, diluting it down allows you to obtain the exact finish you require. It should be used neat to obtain a high gloss finish, diluted at 2:1 for a medium gloss finish, 3:1 for a satin finish or at 4:1 for a matte factory finish.Unlike other water based dressings, the formulation of Meguiars Hyper Dressing allows it to still give a durable, high quality finish on all exterior parts including tyre walls, wheel arches, plastics and trim and in its undiluted form is also ideal for rejuvenating plastic and rubber engine bay components.In its diluted form, Meguiars hyper Dressing can be effectively used on interior plastics and trim and because it’s water based it provides some light cleaning capabilities which is great for regularly maintained surfaces that aren’t too heavily soiled.A highly versatile dressing that provides multiple finishes, Meguiars Hyper Dressing is a great product if you want a dressing that can be used on all parts of your car both inside and out and one that will last you for a good period of time.

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