Phoenix 1 Mark out Scratch Remover Pen

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Phoenix Mark Out Scratch Remover Pen Original USA Import Features: Phoenix Mark-Out Scratch Repair pen is the fastest way to repair minor clear coat scratches. It formulated to dry in less than five minutes, and it the perfect solution for protecting the clear coat from further damage. How to Use Remove all dirt from scratched surface. shake stick well and push down on the tip repeatedly until the tip becomes we with repair formula Place tip at the beginning of the scratch and gently draw over the scratch with the pen Wipe excess fluid away with a clean cloth and allow it to dry and cure. For best result, allow the scratched area to cure for at least 1 hour after repair. Direction: Do Not Store Applicator in Can Between Uses. Do Not Freeze Products. Do Not Swallow Or Get In Eyes. Keep Away From Children. Package Contents: 1 x Phoenix Mark Out Scratch Remover Pen Original USA Import

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