Phoenix 1 Professional Power Rubbing Compound (945 ml)

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Phoenix1 professional rubbing compound removes scratches, hazes and oxidation from all auto paint finishes. It is formulated with the finest neon-polishers that restore dull and faded paint finishes and prepares the surfaces for Step 2, finishing compound.Direction:-Do Not Store Applicator In Can Between Uses. Do Not Freeze Products. Do Not Swallow Or Get In Eyes. Keep Away From Chilldren. First Aid Treatment: If Swallowed, Call Poison Control Or Doctor Immediately. Do Not Induce Vomitting. If In Eyes. Rinse Eyes With Water For 15 Minutes.,For best result, allow the scratched area to cure for at least 1 hour after repair.,Pour A Small Amount Of The Compound Onto A Chamois,Rubbing Sponge,Buffer Head, Microfiber Cloth Or A Suitable Applictor,,Apply And Rub Within 2-3 Square Foot Sections From A Variety Of Angels In A Circular Motion.,Allow To Dry To A Haze.,Remove Haze With A Clean, Dry Microfiber.Trun Towel Frequently For Best Buffing Action.