Premium Door Sill Plates Light For Honda Mobilio (Imported)

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Premium Door Sill Plates Light For Mobilio (Imported) a brand-new, unused and undamaged item. Features: LED Color is BLUE, Exclusive Imported product, Making the scuff plate illuminated helps boarding or de-boarding the car easier, when in dark areas. The Illumination light up the moment car door is opened- adding to the wow factor. Come in Set of 4 Pcs For all 4 Doors. Install by connecting them with interior dome light. Blue light will automatically light up every time when door is open. Come With Double sided adhesive tape at the back of each sills. A perfect contour for every vehicle.100% concealed against water & dust. High quality plastics & stainless steel used , Special wiring harness with fuse protection for extra safety and protection, 0.5 AVVS automotive grade wire used. Easy to install, great looks and long time durability.